How to stop attracting struggle and frustration.

Today I wanted to share an article my good friend Allanah Hunt wrote. I think you will really enjoy this!

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There’s a power within you that’s greater than the world around you. Greater than the circumstances of your life, greater than the situation you find yourself in right now and greater than you’ve ever been allowed to believe.

What manifestation energy expert Allanah Hunt reveals is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Recently she made a startling discovery. A discovery that changed the course of her life forever.

You see regardless of your childhood circumstances, or even your current circumstances, you were born to live in abundance. You were born to experience unlimited wealth, health, love, success and happiness.

In fact, it’s already yours.

In her popular video Allanah shares the key to the mysteries of manifestation. It’s the key to unlock the Law of Attraction and to manifest everything you want quickly, easily and permanently.

This key is so powerful that it has worked for every single person Allanah has shared it with. Many people say that the law of attraction is fantasy or new age nonsense. It’s easy to dismiss what you don’t know or understand. It’s easy to say it doesn’t work, if it hasn’t worked for you yet. But manifestation is based on foundational scientific principles. Every successful person will tell you that it works.

Let me ask you a question …

How would it feel to leave struggle, frustration and disappointment behind you and

finally manifest the life you’ve always known could be yours?

To live a life filled with love, joy, happiness, peace and abundance.

Struggle, frustration and disappointment is the law of attraction at work. So is wealth, happiness and abundance. The difference is what you focus on. The difference is what you give energy to.

You can have it all …

Not because Allanah says it can happen, but because the law of attraction proves it can happen, over and over, everyday.

How do you go from struggle to abundance?

You start by aligning your energy with the things you want. Don’t complain about what you don’t have. Start talking about what is coming. Don’t complain about the problems in your life. Start talking about how so many things are starting to go your way. You start by changing what you focus on.

Article Credit Allanah Hunt

Anita Bau

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About Allanah Hunt (more than 150k organic followers on Facebook). Allanah’s mission to help you discover the power you have inside to live the life you want and deserve. She lives in London and New Zealand. She has lived a true hero story overcoming poverty and abusive relationships to find her true calling and purpose as a law of attraction energy expert. Allanah is praised for her ability to share her methods of manifestation that works for anybody.

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